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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

To register, click the Log In/Register tab at the top of the screen. Enter your Username, Password, and Email in the fields and solve the simple math problem in the CAPTCHA image. Note: the Username you create is public your public profile. If your Username is dave, the link to your public profile is Don't put identifying information in your Username if you don't want that to be public.

You will receive an email with a confirmation link (check your Spam/Junk Mail folder if you don't get it). Click on the link, and you can log in and start using the site.

Upload Verification Video
Your sentence is the bold text at the middle of the page. Record a video of yourself saying that sentence. Your video must show your face and show your lips large enough to people can tell that you are saying the correct words.

The sentences are randomly generated and might not make sense. If you don't like your sentence, you can click the "Request New Sentence" link to get a new one.

Desktop Users: When you press the "Record with Webcam" button, our webcam page will open. A notification will pop up asking for permission to use your webcam. Click Allow! (Or Yes, depending on the message). After you record your sentence, a Preview Video will appear under the original video showing you what you just recorded. If you don't like it, you can record again. Each recording overwrites your previous video. Once you're satisfied, close the window. The last video you recorded will be processed.

Mobile Users: Don't forget to hit the "Submit!" button! If you don't, your video will not be uploaded!

Mobile Users take note: since the camera control takes over your phone's entire screen, you'll have to memorize your sentence, because it won't be visible any more.

Also, a few phones send us a sideways video even though they display correctly on the phone. Once the video is processed, you may find that it is sideways. In that case, just rerecord with your phone in landscape mode. For most newer phones, you shouldn't need to do that.

But you're not done yet! You still have to add your social media profiles, so keep reading!

Adding your social media profiles
After you record your video, scroll down to "add your profile information!" Here, you add the usernames that you have on the various social networks and apps that you use. Your email address will already be in there, but you can add more if you use other emails for business, etc.

But wait! Does that mean all my personal information is exposed to all the users who view my video?"
Absolutely not! Privacy is very important to us and we protect your personal data with our lives! Absolutely no one can see the profile information you give us. People can only verify the information you give to them.

Here's an example: you give Mike your email address. He checks out your video to see if you say the correct sentence. You do, but what if you are a scammer who sent him someone else's Lupy profile? To know for sure, he has to enter your email into the Search field below the video to check if the email you gave him is the email of this Lupy profile's owner.

Which it should be, if you're not a scammer!

We never tell someone your email; they have to already know it, and verify it using the search field. Your information always remains private and safe, and there is zero chance anyone can stalk you using Lupy.

Sharing Your Link
When you want to show someone that you're real, you can send your video link to them or post it on your social networks' Description section.

Your video link is in this format: -- where userid is your Lupy userid. You will see this link on your Upload page.

Edit Profile
On the Edit Profile page, you can change your password, or personal information, like Email, Birthday, Location, etc. but only Email is required. We need that in case we need to contact you, or recover your password. We will never send you Spam.

What if someone posts my Lupy link on their site and claims to be me?
If someone gives out your Lupy link and claims that they are you, it doesn't work because the contact info they are using won't be in YOUR Contact Verification section! Whatever fake profile/contact info they give to people...we'll tell them it's wrong.

And what if someone steals my video and posts it as their own?
This doesn't work because the sentence that YOU recorded won't be the sentence that THEY got. No one gets the same sentence, so no one can steal your video and post it as their own.

Why can't I upload my own video?
We want to keep our videos short and small (low res) so they don't take up too much space on our server. Lupy verification videos don't need to be HD/4K, and using our own recording software allows us to capture video the way we want.

We also don't want people adding filters, etc. to their videos, because it might hide their mouth or screw up the motion or picture making it hard to verify someone.

Why do I have to tell you my profile/contact information again?
When someone verifies you by watching your video, they also need to verify that the profile/contact info that you gave them is really yours. Otherwise, someone could just steal your pictures, make an Instagram profile, but send someone YOUR Lupy link. But because your Lupy link won't have THEIR Instagram info on it, they can't pretend that their Instagram profile belongs to you.

I don't want the whole world to have my profile/contact information.
They won't. All profile/contact information is kept strictly private. Someone can only verify information that you already gave them.

How do I verify something I am selling on Lupy?
Lupy wasn't really intended for this, but it can be used to verify that you are actually in possession of something you're selling. Simply record yourself saying the unique sentence that we give you, and continue filming to show off the item you're selling.

Because each sentence is unique, anyone who views the video knows that you are you and that you are actually in possession of whatever you're selling, and they can verify your contact information to make sure they're been talking with the person in the video.